9 bakery and patisserie influencers who hopped on the TikTok trend

15 Dec 2021

Hype & Trend Signal

Is your bakery, pastry shop or chocolate brand on TikTok already? You may struggle with all the new marketing platforms and methods appearing, but as the most downloaded app around the world and with 1 billion monthly active users, the short video platform TikTok definitely deserves your consideration.

The app is an ideal place to showcase your culinary crafts or reach potential new customers, as proven by these nine content creators in bread, chocolate and pastry. They have gained hundreds of thousands of followers by posting videos of their bakes.

TikTok: refreshing and versatile

TikTok is a prime example of a new social media platform that does what it promises. Recognised as the fastest growing social network platform of all time, as well as being the most downloaded app around the world for the past two years, it’s safe to say that TikTok is here to stay. The app offers endless opportunities when it comes to promoting your products online.

TikTok provides a platform for a diverse spectrum of creative content creators, and modern-day craftspeople such as bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers are popular on the app. These online influencers can reach new audiences around the world with TikTok, who interact with creative community members and collaborate with brands to promote their products and services.

The app makes creating content relatively simple. Users can upload videos of up to three minutes long. While producing videos for YouTube requires the use of third-party software, you can quickly film, edit, and submit videos to TikTok using only your phone. TikTok also allows extensive users to organise their videos into collections, such as ‘chocolate recipes’ or ‘breakfast ideas’, and includes features such as livestreaming to keep followers involved.

Have a look at these nine TikTok influencers that engage their online audiences by posting videos of either bread, chocolate or pastry on TikTok:

1. Cottage Loaves (@cottageloaves)

Calling herself a ‘sourdough bread artist’, Cottage Loaves mesmerises her 607K followers with videos of the most incredible breads. Accompanied by beautiful backgrounds, her baked creations are the centrepiece of each video.

On this account, you’ll find inspiration for the most outrageous sourdough creations. Think of teddy bear-shaped loaves or highly intricate bread carving designs. The 12.8 million likes Cottage Loaves’ videos have gathered in total prove it’s definitely worth a look.

2. Bread by Elise (@breadbyelisecom)

Elise from @breadbyelisecom treats her 160K followers to videos of a wide variety of baked goods. Besides the ‘classic’ sourdough loaves, she also bakes savoury treats such as focaccia and garlic bread.

With a total of 4.1 million likes, her following confirms that her videos are addictive to watch! Elise is not just about creating eye candy, she develops every recipe herself. Her creations, such as cheese-filled buns, will definitely spark your own imagination.

3. Bake this bread (@bakethisbread)

Bake This Bread creates recipes and tutorials on both Instagram and TikTok, where 437K followers watch her videos on a regular basis. She is particularly skilled in bread scoring – delicately cutting into the dough before baking it to leave beautiful patterns or shapes on the bread, which turns a regular loaf into a true piece of art.

If you’re not sure whether to invest in decorating your products like this yourself, this account will win you over. With 13.4 million likes, Bake This Bread shows that jaw-dropping bread scoring designs are a great success!

4. Dally Wonka (@dallywonka)

Calling himself Willy Wonka’s long-lost son, Dally Wonka creates the most incredible bonbons. His videos show anything from techniques, ingredients and pourings to the finished product, but they all have one thing in common; chocolate.

Want to get started on TikTok yourself? Dally’s account demonstrates that relatively simple behind-the-scene videos from your brand can build a huge audience. His satisfying chocolate-pouring videos are thoroughly enjoyed by his 152K followers, with multiple videos going viral.

5. Chocolat Sève (@chocolatseve)

There are a lot of home bakers on TikTok, but on this account you can follow the work of an upscale French chocolatier and pastry chef duo: Arthur and Richard Sève. Their TikTok page is dedicated to showcasing their chocolate creations.

With a following of 841k, father and son have an impressive reach with their videos. Varying from pralines to macarons, the duo creates video content for their family recipes. With a total of 18.4 million likes, TikTok is a great way to give their physical stores online attention as well.

6. Julien Meunier (@julienmeunierpastrychef)

French pâtissier Julien Meunier makes mesmerising videos of his pastry artwork. The chef, who works at a 5-star hotel in Geneva, showcases his eclairs, meringue lime tarts and other baked goods to his 106k followers. Want to know how to make videos that will leave your audience drooling? Then check out Julien. The camera quality for his videos is incredible, which gives the content air of luxury.

7. Les pâtisseries de mama (@les_patisseries_de_mama)

Les pâtisseries de mama is the ultimate TikTok patissier, because her creations are all about presentation and she shows the highly satisfying process of pouring glaçage. The so-called mirror cakes, cakes with a shiny, almost reflective top layer in the most amazing colours, are her specialty. Key takeaways here? Work with colour and don’t be afraid to focus on one specific item. Claim your niche!

8. Tye Sule (@toyosisule)

The future chef and business owner Tye Sule offers a fun insight into the life of a culinary school student. Trays of muffins, pies, cookies, cake... A wide variety of sweets are displayed on his account, where 663k followers watch Tye pursue his dreams. The 20-year-old is still in culinary school and films himself using the equipment at his college. He is a good example of how giving your videos a personal touch by being in front of the camera yourself can help you engage with online audiences.

9. Benjamin the baker (@benjaminthebaker)

The secret to Benjamin’s online success? He shares tips and treats based on eight years of professional experience in bakeries to inspire others. Not only does he create the most delicious-looking treats, but he also shares his knowledge on baking techniques. People love an account that offers added value. Benjamin does exactly that by teaching his 440k followers about ingredient ratios, baking temperatures, yeast, blind baking and much more. His inspirational videos have been rewarded with over 10 million likes already!

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