5 vegan cool concepts

15 Jan 2019


Vegetarian concepts are becoming more commonplace. A growing number of people are trying to replace the proteins in meat and fish with proteins from vegetables. And while veganism is not yet as common as vegetarianism, there has been a marked increase in people pursuing this lifestyle. Their diet is completely plant-based. These vegan concepts prove that being vegan offers a variety of options.

Bunnie Cakes

Miami-based Bunnie Cakes was founded by Mariana Cortez after a failed attempt to find a vegan birthday cake for her oldest son who was allergic to dairy. Her grandmother – her inspiration and an awesome baker – gave her a couple of recipes. Mariana made them vegan and started baking cupcakes in her kitchen at home. Today, Bunnie Cakes are sold in many wholesale locations around Miami. You can recognise them by the tiny decorative heart… and Mariana pours her heart and soul into every one of them.

Bakkers Bakery

This vegan bakery in Amsterdam offers vegan sweets, treats and banana bread to Dutch restaurants and caterers. The bakery focuses on vegan ingredients and has taken out the refined sugar. This means that even the most mouth-watering cakes, brownies, cookies, blissballs and energy bars they bake are also healthy. Many products are even produced ‘raw’, which means that they aren’t heated above 42°C, so all the enzymes, minerals and vitamins are preserved.


Gu-i, Esperanto for ‘to enjoy’, is on a mission to let people discover how delicious plant-based food can be. This healthy vegan take-away in Ghent only serves food that’s free of animal products, refined sugars and artificial flavourings and preservatives. Energy-boosting juices, smoothie bowls, all things avocado, hummus toast, energy balls and many other vegan vitamin bombs… and all on-the-go.

Naspolya Nassolda

The raw vegan desserts and sweet treats from Naspolya Nassolda are very popular in Budapest. Réka Bárányos and her fiancé use only natural, plant-based ingredients and don’t bake or heat anything above 42°C. They make delicious cakes and desserts, but also sweet treats to take-away. And everything is made without sugar, gluten or dairy products. They use dehydrated buckwheat, seeds and dried fruit instead.


by CHLOE’s chef-driven, vegan menu features locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form. They aim to feed their customers hearty, nourishing meals made from whole ingredients that can have a positive overall impact on their mind, body and soul. And with success! Once a local, New York vegan eatery, by CHLOE has transformed itself into a worldwide vegan fast food chain.

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