5 cool drive-through concepts in bakery, patisserie and chocolate

15 Dec 2020

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Many companies were forced to rethink their business model due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sit-in options were replaced by takeaway and home delivery. And another trend emerged, following America’s example: the set-up of the drive-through, where customers can collect their purchases safely from their car. Get inspired by these 5 drive-through concepts in bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

Koekela (NL)

The Koekela bakery had to close its café, and instead opened a drive-through to give customers the chance to keep enjoying the bakery’s delicious bars, cupcakes and pies without contact. The staff at Koekela place your order in your car boot (or in your bicycle basket) and you’re good to go!

Sjölinds (US)

Sjölinds opened a drive-through service at their factory location. Here, people can still enjoy their chocolate beverages, handmade chocolate confections, and bean-to-bar chocolates.

Drive-through foodtruck (NL)

A fun addition to any event while being corona-proof? The drive-through foodtruck Heren Van Friet offers products like waffles, Dutch mini pancakes and deep-fried doughnut balls at your location! From their classic Peugeot J7 they provide a wonderful treat during any event, from a wedding to the opening of a new store.

Greggs (UK)

As the drive-through offers the ultimate convenience, Greggs opened their first drive-through in 2017. It turned out to be a big success, so after a while they opened a few more. All the Greggs classics are available, from steak bakes and sausage rolls to sandwiches, iced buns, cakes and biscuits, as well as soups and salads. The products that Greggs is famous for, combined with the convenience of a drive-through.

Drive-through bakery on the highway (NL)

De Haan Minerale Oliën has opened the first drive-through bakery at a motorway station on the Dutch highway. The shop has been completely revamped and focuses on fresh, healthy products to attract new target groups, with the drive-through bringing extra convenience.

* This article was inspired by Food Inspiration’s article: 5 drive-through concepts in the Dutch catering industry.

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