Seven pastry hybrids and innovations to check out

28 Mar 2023

Can we still call the hybrid pastry a trend, or has it become a bakery and patisserie staple? New ones have continued to appear on the market since Dominique Ansel invented the cronut back in 2013, and consumers are hungry for familiar products with a novel twist.

Our Taste Tomorrow worldwide consumer survey shows that: 

  • 75% of consumers prefer traditional tastes 
  • 67% like to have a familiar element when trying new types of food 
  • 59% agree that food that looks good is tasty too 

There’s still plenty of scope for bakers and pastry chefs to continue developing new variations on classic treats. 

Here are some of the latest examples we’ve come across; perhaps they’ll inspire you to create your own.


1. The mochi donut

A combination of the Japanese mochi rice cake and a deep-fried donut, the mochi donut isn’t a completely new invention; it dates back to the 1990s. But this chewy, elastic product is going through a revival. In Amsterdam, NOBU recently opened a dedicated mochi donut shop. The snack has several USPs: it's easily shareable, not too sweet, and has a naturally gluten-free dough.

Asian sweets with interesting textures, like the mochi, are a global food trend. Discover other interesting examples.

 2. The croffle 

The croffle, a croissant-waffle hybrid, originates from South Korea but has now gone international. A bakery in Queens called Croffle House introduced the treat to the United States, offering sweet croffles dipped in chocolate or topped with cream and fresh fruits, and savory options with melted cheddar on top. Several other cafes and bakery shops have added croffles to their ranges. Will the hype persist? Time will tell!


 3. Baklava cheesecake 

It can’t easily be traced back to a single inventor, but trendy restaurants and coffee shops have suddenly embraced the baklava cheesecake as a dessert or treat. It’s made from flaky filo pastry with an orange-blossom cheesecake filling and topped with honey and pistachios. The creaminess and crunchiness are a match made in heaven!



4. The sourdough donut

We featured a whole list of sourdough innovations last year, such as croissants, panettone, and brioche, and now we have the sourdough donut too. Based on sourdough instead of yeast dough, it has a distinct taste and attracts consumers who are already fond of sourdough bread products. Donut shops around the world creating exclusively sourdough varieties include The Rolling Donut in Ireland, Soughdara in Indonesia, and The Everyday Kitchen in Canada.


5. 'The Suprême’ and round croissants

When New York’s Lafayette Bakery launched its Suprême last year, it attracted worldwide media attention. The circular croissant, also known as the New York Roll and created by pastry chef Scott Cioe, is made from laminated pastry filled with pastry crème and topped with ganache and a crumbly topping. This unique treat was an instant success, with long lines of people wanting to try it. The Suprême has been followed by round croissants in other countries, such as the Singaporean Swish Roll and the Bolivian Emilia Almacen.


6. The crogg

Can you guess what the crogg is made of? You probably got the croissant part right, but the ‘gg’ comes from ‘egg’. The crogg, a Japanese invention available exclusively in Osaka, consists of a 27-layer square croissant with velvety egg cream custard in the middle. It can be eaten hot or cold, but warm and fresh from the oven at the Crogg bakery is definitely the preferred option for most fans.

7. The doffle

7. The doffle Why combine just two pastries when you can use three? Bear Doughnut in New York created a tri-hybrid dessert that looks like a cross between a donut, a bagel and a waffle. Meet the doffle: two mochi waffles with yogurt whipped cream sandwiched in between. For now, the doffle comes in a blueberry and apple-cinnamon flavor, but the options will expand if the pastry becomes a hit.

A few tips to help you come up with your own hybrid: 

  • Start with the visual aspect: what would look good?

  • Play around with different pastry names and think about products that work well together in terms of taste, texture, and sound

  • Analyze the key features of the pastries you're combining to make sure you pick the best of both worlds

  • Test your new hybrid creations by making small batches and offering them to customers for feedback

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out the incredible creations of these seven trending patissiers on Instagram and TikTok. Their videos are a real inspiration!


Taste Tomorrow

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