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Stay ahead of the competition in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate with Taste Tomorrow's fresh insights into global and local consumer preferences and behavior.

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Discover the top trends of 2023

Gain fresh insights into consumer behavior and trends in chocolate, bakery and patisserie, on a global and local level.

Hottest Bakery Trends for 2023

Taste Tomorrow's 2023 bakery trends: Fresh, convenient, and traditional baked goods crafted by skilled experts. Find out the three key bakery trends that are most important in 2023.

Hottest Chocolate Trends for 2023

Join us to explore the hottest patisserie trends of 2023! Taste Tomorrow research shows consumers crave delicious vegan pastries that nourish the body & planet.

Hottest Patisserie Trends for 2023

Indulge in the hottest chocolate trends of 2023! Taste Tomorrow research shows plant-based, ethically sourced chocolate with transparent supply chains will win over consumers.

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