Must visit: 4 of Berlin’s hidden chocolate jewels

11 Sep 2018

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The theory that good chocolate can only be found in Belgium has just been proven wrong. We visited Berlin and were blown away by the amazing chocolate shops and delicious pralines that the city has to offer. We listed our four favourite chocolate places to visit.

Belgian chocolate in Berlin

The first thing you might think is, “why is Belgian chocolate being sold in Berlin?” Well, the Neuhaus flagship shop is located right next to the Belgian embassy. Neuhaus, founded in 1857 by John Neuhaus, only sells the very best chocolate produced in Belgium. They even provide chocolate to the Belgian royal family. At Neuhaus, they believe that there is no chocolate without a story, so the flagship shop in Berlin is full of short stories. Every department of the shop has its own story and each chocolate has a date of invention and is named after someone special. For example you have the ‘Manon’ pralines, which are named after the role the founder’s daughter (Suzanne Neuhaus) played in the Jules Massenet opera. Neuhaus is famous for the ‘Irrésistibles’ pralines which are really worth a try. These triangle-shaped pralines are hand-filled chocolates with a unique combination of three very different textures that come together in a surprising taste experience of crisp chocolate, crunchy nougatine and rich smooth cream.

Neuhaus: Friedrichstraße 63, 10117 Berlin

The ultimate choco experience

You could easily spend a couple of hours in the world’s first and only Ritter Sport flagship shop. The colourfully-designed shop with 3 floors consists of several interactive choco departments. You discover the first department when you walk into the shop. At the ChocoCreation counter, guests can create their own Ritter Sport bar by choosing the chocolate and toppings. You can pick up your personalised chocolate bar within 30 minutes. Further in the shop you’ll find the ChocoShop with all kinds of Ritter Sport stuff like gift packs, special editions or collector’s items, like the 500 g bar you can’t buy anywhere else. On the first floor, guests can visit the small museum called ‘ChocoExhibition’ where they can learn more about chocolate and the history of Ritter Sport. Getting hungry or thirsty? There is a café on the first floor where you can sit down for some food and drink. The basement is fully dedicated to the young chocolate lovers. In here, kids can attend a ChocoWorkshop where they create their own Ritter Sport bar and packaging.

Ritter Sport: Französische Straße 24, 10117 Berlin

World’s longest praline counter

Rausch is very proud of their rich tradition. They don’t follow trends but stick to their focus: making fascinating masterpieces and pralines with the best possible quality. At the world’s longest praline counter at Rausch Schokoladenhaus, you can eat to your heart’s content. At this famous counter, customers can choose from 200 types of praline straight from the Rausch chocolate factory in Berlin-Tempelhof. From exquisite pralines and truffles to delicious, freshly-prepared mini tortes. A thought has also been spared for the dessert lovers out there. They can indulge themselves in the Chocolate Café with fine desserts like the Warm Chocolate Cake, the Fruity Chocolate Fondue or the Berliner Waffle with dark chocolate. All made by Rausch’s own chocolatiers. In a hurry? Visit the Rausch Deli at the same address for daily sweet and hearty delicacies and drinking chocolates or coffee specialities for on-the-go indulgence.

Rausch Schokoladenhaus: Charlottenstraße 60, 10117 Berlin

The ‘hidden’ surprise

Since its opening in 1880, Sawade’s original clientele was Berlin’s aristocracy. Nowadays society has changed, but they still try to make a connection with Berlin’s golden twenties by being surprising and elegant and offering only handmade products created in their factory in Berlin. The new positioning of Sawade, as a praline maker and present seller, is all about the special moment you create by giving chocolate to yourself or someone else. This new position is reflected in everything they do and offer: the new packaging, the fine crackling wrapping paper, the hospitality of the staff and the shop’s design. Sawade is not for the mass consumer, they try to be known as the secret gem. That is why the shops are not on the main streets or squares. Sawade is the ‘hidden’ surprise that you’ll only find with special tour guides, extraordinary guidebooks or by word of mouth.

Sawade: Rosenthalerstrasse 40, Berlin

Disclaimer: the selection of these concepts was done on an editorial basis. There is no commercial link in relation to this article.

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