Taste Tomorrow North America 2023

North America

About the event

Taste Tomorrow Austin, an inspiring two-day event, brought together industry professionals, food enthusiasts, and innovators to explore the latest trends in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate. The event featured insightful presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and networking opportunities, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving food landscape.

Participants delved into the latest consumer trend data, gaining insights into the tastes, textures, and techniques shaping the future of food. They also witnessed demonstrations from Puratos' world-class technical team, showcasing innovative recipes and disruptive solutions for new product development.

Keynote speakers, including Eve Turow-Paul, Dr. Uma Naidoo, Alex Guarnaschelli, and James Taylor, addressed critical topics such as sustainability, health and well-being, and the impact of technology on the food industry. Their thought-provoking presentations emphasized the importance of sustainable practices and mindful eating, highlighting the connection between food choices and overall well-being.

Taste Tomorrow Austin concluded with a renewed commitment to revolutionizing the world of baking while promoting sustainable and health-conscious practices. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, inspiration, and collaboration, fostering a community dedicated to shaping the future of food.

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What is Taste Tomorrow?

With Taste Tomorrow, Puratos offers its customers in-depth insights into global and local consumer behavior, attitudes, choices, and future trends related to bakery, patisserie, and chocolate. We regularly interview consumers in 44 countries and continuously use semantic AI technology to interpret online conversations. This data helps us to gather a global perspective on the food industry today and to predict where it may be heading tomorrow, helping your business to stay connected to your customers and discover new opportunities.