Taste Tomorrow DACH


About the event

On September 6-7, 2023, the first edition of the Puratos Industry Forum (PIFO) took place in Salzburg, Austria. PIFO is designed to be a dynamic platform, inspiring through innovation and networking, targeted at key decision makers of the Bakery Industry in the DACH cluster.

Under the banner of “This is how the future tastes” renowned keynote speakers, panel discussions, the Sensobus and the Puratos marketplace offered inspiring insights and experiences around cutting-edge topics significantly impacting the baking industry.

Keynote Topics

The latest Taste Tomorrow Trend insights shared by Ipsos were the red line of the event, complemented by the key notes.

The key notes of Hanni Rützler (Food trend expert) and Dr. Peter Braun (Swiss Food Research) looked at the food market overall and inspired with synergies for the baking industry, both from consumer and technological point of view.

Max Thinius (Futurologist) shared insights why nutrition has a new relevance for the young generation and which role digitalization will be playing.

Sustainability as innovation driver: Attendees explored in Paul Baisier’s speech (Puratos Chief R&D Officer), how sustainable practices can create opportunities for growth.

We as well had a look beyond finished good or consumer related topics: in times of lack of skilled labor, it is crucial to attract and keep talented people. “Bold and Positive Leadership” by Silvia Wiesner inspired how leading with courage and empathy will make the difference. 

Inspirational Marketplace & Sensobus

The marketplace focused around four key themes: Sustainability, cost mitigation solutions, “better bread” and “every patisserie creation has a story to tell”. The finished goods presented were tailored to the relevance of industrial players and were used as conversation starter. They opened-up the discussion about e. g. texture and visual aspect of a traditional croissant versus a plant-based one. In the Sensobus, customers were animated to do a blind tasting of these products and they could learn more about how this unique service tool can help them for their business.

Event information

What is Taste Tomorrow?

With Taste Tomorrow, Puratos offers its customers in-depth insights into global and local consumer behavior, attitudes, choices, and future trends related to bakery, patisserie, and chocolate. We regularly interview consumers in 44 countries and continuously use semantic AI technology to interpret online conversations. This data helps us to gather a global perspective on the food industry today and to predict where it may be heading tomorrow, helping your business to stay connected to your customers and discover new opportunities.