The Taste Tomorrow magazine will be released twice a year, and will focus on the latest trends and insights related to bakery, patisserie and chocolate. In each issue, we will have a closer look at some of the Taste Tomorrow trends, which derive from our global consumer survey related to attitudes, choices and preferences in the field of bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

Last Issues

Issue n°1

Read our first digital Taste Tomorrow magazine. With research insights, expert opinions & cool concepts. Covering the megatrends Tradition versus Innovation and Quality perception, citybranding & storytelling.

Issue n°2

The second edition of the digital Taste Tomorrow magazine is available online. 
Covering three consumer megatrends: Health versus Pleasure, Authentic Bakery Feeling, Local and Global.

Issue n°3

The third edition of Taste Tomorrow magazine is now available online. In this digital magazine we focus on three mega consumer trends: Meal Mobility, the rise of Superstars & the popularity of Super Bakeries. Read the interactive digital magazine with lots of research insights, expert opinions and reportages.