'You need to listen to what consumers don't say as much as what they do say.'


Better innovation today starts with more ambitious thinking about tomorrow. According to Michael Lee, CEO of New York-based Studio Industries and founder of the Future Market, you should always be focussing on the long term. 'Because often innovations take a while to incubate. So if you don’t start now you will never get there.'

To encourage innovation Michael Lee established the Future Market: 'a conceptual grocery story designed around creating product concepts of what we wish that could happen in food. By doing so I hope I can push people’s imagination to think beyond what is possible today.'

Listen to what your consumers don't say
'The role of innovation is not necessarily about the look of a product. It’s about how to get the most pure, healthy, sustainable, delicious and desirable product on terms of the modern day society. To reach this goal it is important to listen to your consumers.'

Embrace differences
'For example, people buy wine because of a certain fruit or origin. This can also be an opportunity for bread in the future. Don’t make everything taste the same but refocus on individual characteristics. Embrace the differences and express the products and ingredients you sell.'

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