'You need to date your customers.'


Instead of fighting your competitors, you need to think about dating our customers in order to come up with better ideas for innovation. According to David Robertson, Professor of Practice at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, you should be looking for little ways to innovate around your core product to make it truly irresistible.

Robertson states: 'When people in the business talk about innovation it happens too often that they talk about innovation as the new revolutionary product of Apple. But if you define innovation so narrow you miss a lot. There are lots of small projects that can have huge benefits for customers.'

'Can you bake, cook, package or deliver something incrementally better, to better suit your customer's need? Sometimes, lots of small ideas together are better than one big disruptive idea. Besides, its lower risk and a higher reward, compared to trying to go for that one home run of an innovation.'

At our Taste Tomorrow event in Chicago, David Robertson was one of the keynote speakers on the topic of innovation. Our Taste Tomorrow study reveals that, worldwide, consumers have rising expectations regarding innovations in food.

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