Yes, appearance does matter: 10 'breadtaking' concepts


The interior design of your shop is a perfect way to support the quality and character of your baked goods. Show the baking process, share stories about the origin or communicate your core values by visualizing them. Create a unique shopping experience that lasts and your customers will spread the word. 

Disclaimer: the selection of this concept was done on an editorial basis. There is no commercial link in relation to this article.

18 Oct 2016

Baker D. Chirico

This bakery stands out because of its remarkable fully wooden interior. The design has an age-old tradition and craft look combined with a surreal twist. A unique and unexpected experience.

Baker D. Chirico - Australia

18 Oct 2016

Bistrot Milano

This shop is located in the former Milan Central station. The objective of this historic location is to give the consumer a unique emotional experience in a typical market where quality meets naturalness and local food. With instore chalkboard signing they communicate the insights about their goods.

Bistrot Milano - Italy

18 Oct 2016

Blé Bakery

This bakery houses the world’s largest wood oven. It’s impossible to miss this 12-metre-high oven when you walk into this store. The Blé Bakery covers four floors with patisserie, bakery, delicatessen and a wine and mozzarella bar. Their signature breads are 'stamped' with an edible sign on top.

Blé Bakery - Greece

18 Oct 2016

Cioccolato: Bake & Decor

In order to stand out from the competitors, the designers of Cioccolato focused on a modern and bright boutique that incorporated the slogan of the pastry company, ‘Bake & Decor’. The interior design is full of funny bakery-related surprises.

Cioccolato: Bake & Decor - Mexico

18 Oct 2016

Helsinki Bakery

One would expect to find Helsinki Bakery in Finland, but this one is located in Osaka. The designer was born in Japan and studied in Finland. Simple, healthy and natural are the key words of the bakery and the Scandinavian design supports those notions perfectly.

Helsinki Bakery - Japan

18 Oct 2016

Joseph Brot

Joseph Brot responds very well to consumers who are looking for more naturalness. It’s not just Joseph Brot’s choice of ingredients, which are all 100% organic and prepared following traditional recipes. It's also very well reflected in the shop's interior: a clean, minimalist, transparent design and the use of natural materials.

Joseph Brot - Austria

18 Oct 2016

Pasticceria Marchesi

This couture pastry shop offers the perfect mix of food and fashion. The interior of the shop mirrors traditional Italian design, but with a contemporary twist. The idea behind the shop is to provide a luxurious experience that reflects the brand's signature style.

Pasticceria Marchesi - Italy

18 Oct 2016


Paul Bakeries can be found all over the world. It’s a 125-year family-owned company with a passion for French-style bread. Their gastronomic shops all have the typical warm, sophisticated and timeless French interior that you will instantly recognise, whether you are in Paris, London, Tokyo or Moscow.

Paul - France

18 Oct 2016

The Depressed Cake Shop

The Depressed Cake Shop is a pop-up bakery that aims to raise awareness about depression and mental health issues. It’s not really the design of the shop that attracts the attention, but the design of the baked goods. The bakery primarily sells grey coloured desserts. French macaroons that are adorned with clouds, sad faces and cry-for -help messages.

The Depressed Cake Shop - UK

01 Jan 1970

Praktik bakery

The Praktik bakery is the soul of the Praktik hotel. It dispenses the scent of fresh bread in the lobby where all the guests arrive. Besides the delicious smell, the visitors can also see the baking process, as it takes place in full view. The Praktik bakery is a nice example of the open oven concept.

Praktik bakery - Spain