'We have to learn what "variety" exactly means'

'We have to learn what variety exactly means'


'I think across all product categories consumer demand is rising. As an industry we have to understand what variety exactly means to a consumer: is it just a different flavour or do they want completely different products or concepts?' says Iván Chiu, General Director of Grupo Bimbo.

At our Taste Tomorrow event in Tokyo a line-up of industry leaders took the stage to discuss about our industry's future and the trends in bread, patisserie and chocolate. One of them was Iván Chiu, General Director of Grupo Bimbo. We spoke to him about the trend of food variety.

'As a global company we have more than 3,000 products on offer. A lot of these products - at first - are specifically developed for certain countries or regions. Every year we evaluate the whole portfolio. If in a country consumers are telling us that they are looking for a product innovation, we take a look at our global product offering to see if we have it already. If so we can easily implement it elsewhere.'