Three key criteria for buying baked goods


Across the globe, when consumers buy bread, pastry, patisserie or chocolate, their decisions are driven by three key criteria: freshness, healthiness and taste. Of the three criteria, it’s always taste that comes as number one. 

Hakim Zemni, Managing director Belgium of the research agency InSites Consulting, introduced the concept of the baked goods triangle during our Taste Tomorrow events in Tokyo, Berlin and Chicago. 'The three criteria form what we call the "baked goods triangle". It is very important to consider these elements in order to meet your consumers' future needs.'


The baked goods triangle
When buying baked goods, consumers always take the following three questions into consideration:

Baked Goods Triangle Components

Consumers are constantly looking for food products that strike the right balance between taste and health. Health is important to consumers, but in the end it will not triumph over taste. The challenge for the food industry, therefore, is to develop tasty products while improving their nutritional value. Such product innovations can be product-intrinsic (i.e., focusing on natural and wholesome ingredients) but can also involve the finished applications, e.g. by offering smaller portions of premium quality.

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