The purpose of Taste Tomorrow explained

The purpose of Taste Tomorrow explained


Every three years Puratos conducts a far-reaching study, to understand the trends in consumer behaviour regarding bakery, patisserie, pastry and chocolate. At the Taste Tomorrow event in Tokyo we asked Eddy van Belle, Chairman of the Board of Puratos Group, about the purpose of Taste Tomorrow. 

Eddy Van Belle explains: "At Puratos we aim to be a reliable partner in innovation for our customers. Helping our customers to become even more successful in their business is one of our main objectives. Although we are a business-to-business company, Puratos invests heavily in detailed consumer insights. For our customers it is crucial to understand what the consumer trends are, to know how consumer behaviour is gradually evolving. With Taste Tomorrow we provide the necessary insights to our customers so that they can react to changing market conditions."

"The results of the study were presented during our Taste Tomorrow events around the world. We try to link the survey results to our own business and translate them into innovative ideas that we present during the events. We hope to be a source of inspiration to our customers and that, in their turn, they will pick up on some of the ideas, translating and implementing them into their own business. And yes, of course we hope they will use the new ingredients that we at Puratos have developed for them. That way we will be able to future proof both our customers and our own business."

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