The new generation lamination fat: Mimetic

The new generation lamination fat: Mimetic


There is something about eating French Viennoiserie: the cracking sound, the golden beauty, the perfect layers and the exquisite sensorial experience in the mouth. With Mimetic you will delight your customers with superior quality Viennoiserie and puff pastry with a crispy bite and an excellent melting experience.

With Mimetic you will serve delicious laminated goods that stay fresh longer on the shelf: more moist, crispy, melting and with a better short bite.

Product benefits:
- Increased freshness on the shelf of end-products
- High quality laminated products thanks to great workability and plasticity
- The typical experience of French Viennoiserie
- Flavour enhancement with sourdough technology
- Cost effective solution

As an operator it’s more workable to have a product suitable for multiple applications. That is why Puratos developed Mimetic in a way it’s applicable in a various amount of baked goods. 

Would you like to experience the benefits of Mimetic in a new type of recipe? Try the Taste Tomorrow Fruit Biscuit Tartelette recipe! Experience the superior quality of French Viennoiserie, convenience, and freshness.