The more natural, the better


Consumers are looking for more natural ingredients. Jennifer Pagand, R&D manager for innovative bakery mixes at Puratos, shares how the company is responding to this need, and its impact on the industry. 'Consumers have more appreciation for handcrafted artisan products, and the sector is being challenged to deliver more healthy and natural bread.'

The baked goods industry has a responsibility to inform consumers about ingredients and their advantages, and be as transparent as possible, Pagand says. 'People like to be provided the full story, be given anecdotes and facts & figures about what they’re eating and understand why it’s good for them. For example breads with grains and seeds contain lots of health-giving ingredients, like fibres, vitamins, and minerals etc. The use of grains and seeds goes back centuries which allows to capitalise on stories about their traditional consumption or about the taste twist they give to bread. Storytelling gives the product a background and creates an emotional bond. Sharing the benefits of specific ingredients also helps consumers to choose between all the different kinds of bread.'

The more natural, the better

The ancient grains revival
There has recently been a worldwide revival in ancient grains and seeds among food-conscious consumers. 'These grains have been used for centuries, but recently raised interest because people have discovered that they can provide even greater natural profiles that the cereals they're used to eat. Take quinoa as an example. The proteins of quinoa contain significant quantities of many essential amino acids, whereas wheat proteins, for instancelack the essential amino acid lysine. The two types of grains are complementary and combining both in one bread will improve the nutritional quality of the proteins. Ancient grains also allow to diversify the offer in multigrain,' Pagand says. Depending on the type of grains used, the volume, texture of the crumb as well as the taste and appearance will be affected.

Sprouted ingredients
'To bring new tastes to our products and boost their nutritional profiles, we are working on sprouted grains. We're using a natural phenomenon, germination. This lets us benefit even more from all the goodness that is present in wholegrain. Consumers are increasingly interested in products with sprouted grains and new products appear on the market almost every day. Since most grains can be sprouted this provides great potential in terms of added health benefits, variety and taste.'

To support our customers to anticipate on these major trends, Puratos develops solutions for products containing usual grains and seeds, but also a variety of products based on ancient grains (like quinoa, amaranth and spelt). Moreover, new solutions are being launched with sprouted grains to make delicious breads with superior nutritional profiles. If you are interested in these new products, please contact your local Puratos representative.