The famous cheesecake: a timeless classic!

The famous cheesecake: a timeless classic!


In a world where food is under pressure, people rely on tradition and routine. Classics will always remain in the bakery industry, which is why you should not throw away your evergreen products. A well-known and authentic pastry classic is the cheesecake: an original snack or dessert for every occasion. 

Freshly baked in store
Consumers fear for less and less freshness in food. To take this fear away Puratos offers Deli Cheesecake: the first ready to bake cheesecake base and thus easy to implement in in-store bakeries. Use an open oven to create the ultimate freshness experience in your bakery. Offer the original cheesecake or experiment with taste, textures and looks to create your own personalized cheesecake.


  • Tegral Patacrout 1000 g
  • Aristo Primeur Croissant 400 g
  • Eggs 100 g
  • Baked shortcrust 140 g
  • Aristo Primeur Crema 35 g
  • Deli Cheesecake 990/1000 g
  • Fresh fruits

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Working Method


Mix the Tegral Patacrout with the Aristo Primeur Croissant.
Add the eggs.
Keep in the fridge. 
Laminate the shortcrust at 3 mm.
Bake for ±15 minutes at 180 °C.


Crush the baked shortcrust and add the melted Aristo Primeur Crema. 
Place a layer in the bottom of a greased tart ring.

Assembly and decoration

Fill the remaining space of the ring with Deli Cheesecake. 
Bake for 50-60 minutes at 160 °C.
Leave in the ring to cool down.
Keep refrigerated.


Process Steps

Interested in this recipe?

Puratos’ Deli Cheesecake is inspired by traditional baked cheesecake, containing 30% cream cheese and eggs. It’s ready to use and versatile which allows you to easily launch a trendy cheesecake in your assortment. Read more about this technical innovation and learn how it can be helpful for your business. 

Why not try the recipe yourself? Download the recipe in PDF. Or try one of the fruit or the layered cheesecakes.