Surprise your consumers with a big boost of fruit - recipe 1/2

Surprise your consumers with a big boost of fruit - recipe 1/2


Consumers around the world consider fruit fillings as the winning ingredient in sweet baked goods, as it provides great taste and adds a sense of healthiness. To help you capitalise on the natural goodness of fruit, Puratos developed two ranges of fruit fillings. 

   Try this recipe and discover the fruit boost of Puratos Topfil fruit fillings yourself.


Choux paste
  • Tegral Clara Super 1000 g
  • Water 1400 g
  • Oil 100 g
  • Flour 120 g
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Aristo Primeur Croissant 100 g
  • Pistachio Powder 20 g
  • Water 1000 g
  • Cremyvit 375 g
  • Praline Pistache 400 g
  • Butter 650 g
Jelly decoration
  • Harmony Classic 250 g
  • Water 100 g
  • Miroir Neutre 500 g
  • Topfil fruit filling (in various flavours, such as apricot, blueberry and cherry) 100 g
  • Classic Qs

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Working Method

  1. Choux paste
  2. Crumble
  3. Topfil fruit filling
  4. Pistachio Cream

Prepare the crumble before the choux

Mix all ingredients together to obtain a dough.
Roll down to 2 minutes and cool down.
Cut the crumble in discs that will fit on the choux.

Choux paste

Warm up the water between 50 to 60 °C.
Mix all ingredients with a paddle together, medium speed for 5 minutes.
Pipe 6 small choux side by side on a ring pattern.
Add a disc of crumble on each one.
Once baked, together they form a ring-shaped choux; a twist on the classic Paris Brest.
Bake for the first 5 minutes with closed damper, then open damper for 30 to 45 minutes depending of the size of the choux.


Mix the Cremyvit and water together with a whisk for 3 mm.
Let the cream rest for 5 minutes before adding the Praline Pistache and the creamy butter (room temperature), re-start the mixer and whip to a light texture.

Jelly decoration

Bring water and Harmony to boil.
Add Miroir, Topfil and Classic.
Mix and poor into silicon moulds.
Freeze (-30°C).



Cut off the top of the Paris Brest, fill each choux with a different Topfil fruit filling.
Pipe the praline mousseline cream on it before putting back the top.
Sprinkle with powder sugar and decorate with chocolate.

Process Steps

Interested in this recipe?

Puratos fruit fillings
Puratos offers two ranges of fruit fillings:

  • Topfil contains up to 90% fruit pieces, providing a unique refreshing texture.
  • Vivafil fruit fillings are prepared with fruit purée: containing 30% fruit, offering a smoother texture.

Both fillings contain no artificial colours and flavours. Read more about these innovative ingredients and learn how it can be helpful for your business.