Superstar: L'eclair nouveau

Superstar: L'eclair nouveau


The best things in life never go out of fashion. For many, the éclair is their first encounter with French patisserie. Its distinctive shape and attractive toppings ensure the éclair’s lasting popularity. The éclair phenomenon is well on its way to becoming the next international patisserie star, endorsed by patisserie chefs worldwide.

2014 was the year of the rise of the éclair. It is without a doubt the ultimate superstar, and the end of its popularity is nowhere in sight. It has always been a popular pastry, traditionally with a choice of vanilla, chocolate or coffee, but today it has been modernized into a true fashion item.

In France, there has been a total reinvention of the éclair. Though chefs are still using the proven base ingredients - choux pastry and custard cream - they have taken the éclair to a whole new level. Modern patissiers inject excitement and fantasy into this classic pastry to give it a contemporary, sleek and sexy look. What really sets this particular product apart from the rest is its incredible versatility, both in terms of flavours and toppings. As a base for creativity, it offers endless possibilities, giving chef patissiers the freedom to innovate and try things that have never been done before.

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