Storytelling: Belcolade Single Origins

Storytelling: Belcolade Single Origins


There is more to chocolate than a sweet or bitter taste, All the senses are involved when eating it. Intrigued by the differences in taste sensations, Puratos’ chocolate experts, together with the scientists of Foodpairing®, investigated and decoded the taste profiles of the different chocolates.

Belcolade is a brand launched by Puratos to offer the finest quality real Belgian chocolate. At Belcolade, they know exactly where the ingredients of their chocolate come from and how they were grown. The special ‘Origins’ selection has quite a story behind it.

Exceptional chocolate flavour profiles
The Belcolade Single Origin collection is the result of extensive exploration through Central and South America, Central Africa and parts of the Pacific to find cocoa beans with very specific and unique characteristics. The natural richness and flavour of cocoa is determined by botanical, geological and climatic conditions combined with local practices such as fermentation and drying techniques. By selecting cocoa beans that are very different from each other, Belcolade Origins offers a distinct choice of dark, milk and white chocolate, each with a characteristic bouquet of flavours.