Sourdough expertise: mastering a consistent quality


Creating a sourdough is easy. It always consists of the same basic ingredients. Maintaining an active sourdough is a bit harder. Baking a tasty sourdough bread with a good rise and excellent crust gets even more complicated. Getting a perfect consistent bake and taste day in day out: that's the real challenge. 

"The most important ingredients when you make sourdough bread are time and the bakers expertise. Only true sourdough specialists will be able to master this expertise”, according to Puratos sourdough expert Karl de Smedt. He prefers to compare it to other fermented products like wine, beer and salami. "It’s the responsibility of master brewers, cheese makers or butchers to control and master the complex fermentation processes and vouch for the quality of the final product."

“When using your own homemade starter, you have limited control over your final product. The quality is influenced by a multitude of factors that proof to be hard to control. For a small baker, it’s literally impossible to measure and control all these individual parameters, such as acidity levels. At Puratos we have over 25 years of sourdough know-how, providing our customers with convenient, high-quality ingredients to deliver simply the best taste in sourdough."

Sourdough expertise: mastering a consistent quality

“We make all our sourdough mixes from scratch, starting with a live starter. We simply remove the water in order to make it easy to use and increase the shelf life. By cooling down or freezing our product, we put the microorganisms to sleep and stop further fermentation, so we maintain the flavour characteristics and enhance the products' stability. Only when all the parameters are correct we turn our starter into concentrated sourdough powder or an active liquid sourdough concentrate."

"Sourdough making is an integral part of the bread baking process. With using one of our sourdough solutions, our customers can focus on the production of the bread itself: its finishing, look, shape, way it's baked. Our sourdough solutions enable bakers to experiment with taste, creating their own signature flavour, while being certain of the products stability. Although some bakers are still reluctant to use readymade sourdough products, Karl expects this to change over time. "I like to make the comparison with milk powder or commercial yeast. No baker is reluctant to use those, and I expect in the future for sourdough this will be the same."


At Puratos, we partner with our customers to explore all the possibilities of sourdough. To find out how we can help you to develop excellent sourdough breads, please contact your local representative.