Riding the food delivery trend


The food delivery market is exploding. Once reserved for pizzas, these days all sorts of meals can be delivered to your door. Most of the meals are ordered online and things can be delivered in an ever growing variety of ways, from delivery vans and takeaway cyclists to drones and pavement droids. But what do we know about the delivery of baked goods?  

Riding the food delivery trend
Baked goods delivery
When we read newspapers, magazines and research about food delivery, we hardly find anything that tells us about the delivery of bread, pastries and chocolate. Why is that? The Taste Tomorrow survey shows that consumers see patisserie and chocolate slightly more as impulse-buying food products. When it comes to bread consumers balance their bread-buying behavior between impulse and planned. Could that be the reason? Does it mean that ordering food online is a planned action? Or is it, as also revealed by Taste Tomorrow, because pastries, chocolates and bread are generally bought in small, artisanal shops and these little shops are lagging behind when it comes to food delivery compared to larger shops?

Riding the food delivery trend
Chocolate delivery
However, there are some good examples of shops that deliver baked goods, for example, Dude, sweet chocolate. This US-based chocolate creations manufacturer creates and delivers the most amazing fudges, truffles, toffees and artisanal chocolates. Hotel Chocolat is on another level. Started in North London in 2004, their guiding principles of originality, authenticity and ethics have turned them into a major chocolate company with 93 shops, cafes and restaurants. Hotel Chocolat has next-day or same-day delivery or customers can also use click & collect for their chocolates and gifts.

Riding the food delivery trend
Bread brought to your doorstep
There are also some fine examples of bread delivery. Farmdrop is a London-based company with a click-and-harvest model. They claim to get orders from producer to door within 19 hours. In their bakery, you’ll find slow fermentation wood-fired loaves and the freshest pastries, cakes, tarts and crodoughs. Also UK-based is the bread delivery service Breadwinners. Breadwinners empowers unemployed people by arming them with everything they need to set up their own bread delivery business – delivering fresh bread from London’s best bakeries to their communities by bike, earning their own sustainable income.

Riding the food delivery trend
Patisserie delivery: cookies brought home
Doughbies is a US based cookie delivery service, founded with a simple mission: to share the feeling of having thoughtfully packaged treats baked just for their customers. Consumers can pick from a variety of treats, like chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, chocolate drizzled coconut macaroons or confetti cookies for example. Doughbies promises to “wrap ‘em up in style and deliver ‘em at the speed of light!”

Riding the food delivery trend
Riding the food delivery trend yourself
Are you riding the food delivery trend? Or are you thinking about it? Don’t forget to think about your packaging, a key factor in protecting your product during delivery. You can find inspiration in our article about Eating in style on the go.