Popular proteins: 5 important insights

Popular proteins: 5 important insights


Food has always been valued for its nutrients. Fibers, minerals and, most famously, vitamins, our food choices have been determined at least in part by their nutritional value. Our research indicates that consumers are increasingly aware of their protein intake and its health benefits. This presents plenty of opportunities in the bread and pastry categories. Here are the 5 most important insights:


1. One in three consumers are actively looking to increase their intake of protein in order to improve their well-being


What this means: A growing part of increasingly health-conscious consumers is looking for products that fit into their diets, are easy, and taste good. 63% of consumers would like their daily bread to adapt to their personal needs (source: Food Ingredients). The high-protein product category can expect a lot of growth in the years to come.


2. Protein is an ingredient that consumers know and trust and associate with various benefits. The ingredient is associated with aiding health overall and helping facilitate healthy aging


What this means: A protein-rich product will be trusted, appreciated and associated with better health. Especially among the aging populations of Japan and Europe, health-oriented conscious consumers who want to stay healthy as long as possible will have a growing interest in products that contain (plant-based) proteins.


Popular proteins: 5 important insights


3. Only one in three consumers say that they know how much protein they have consumed in the last 24 hours


What this means: Clear labeling and marketing can influence consumers’ choices. Especially since research shows that 90(!)% of consumers search for their preferred dietary ingredients on the packaging information (source: Food Ingredients). Be clear on what your bread and pastries have to offer and consumers are very likely to take an interest.


4. Although plant-based diets (embraced by about 1/3 of the global population) are associated with a variety of benefits, they can be associated with a lack of nutrients such as protein


What this means: Bread and pastries that contain plant-based products that are high in proteins should be clearly labeled and marketed to consumers. Both the audience for a predominantly plant-based diet and consumers that are very aware of their protein intake are growing. This provides bread and pastries with unique opportunities to market and produce to the needs of these consumers.


5. Consumers will turn to everyday products and functional offerings to boost protein intake. As a consequence, sports nutrition products will become even more mainstream


What this means: The market share for energy bars that are rich in protein will grow over the next couple of years. Vegan bars that contain peanuts, chickpeas and other ingredients that are high in good quality proteins have the possibility to be mainstays in the diets of health-conscious consumers that want to look good, stay healthy and feel good about the footprint of their food choices.


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