Poland: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’


The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on consumers, changing how they live, what they eat, and how they purchase.  To understand these changes in behaviour and to offer our customers in-depth insights, Puratos is conducting consumer surveys around the world to discover how bakery categories will need to adapt and evolve to meet future consumer needs in the ‘new normal’.

Following studies in China and Germany, Puratos conducted a consumer survey in Poland in May 2020. In this article, you’ll discover how the needs for bakery items have changed for Polish consumers. What are their key concerns when buying bakery products, which items do they value most, and how do they prefer to buy?


Key purchase criteria

In Poland, consumers still consider freshness as the most important criterion in purchasing bread, and taste as the key criterion for cakes and chocolates. After taste and freshness, naturalness and price are influencing shoppers the most when buying baked goods. We also observed that both healthiness and hygiene have become increasingly important. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, now that it has become clear how fragile our health can be, and how crucial the role of hygiene is in staying safe. Still, for Polish consumers, hygiene is by far a lesser concern than it is for Chinese consumers.

Poland: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning bakery products

Product preferences have evolved during the coronavirus crisis. Polish consumers show an increased interest in products that are:

  • Healthy: consumers are looking for breads with more grains and a higher fibre content, and cakes with more fruits, less sugar and less fat. This reinforces pre-existing trends observed before the crisis. 

  • Freshly packed with 1-2 days’ shelf life: remarkably, unlike Chinese or German consumers, Polish customers remain confident with non-packaged breads and cakes. But only when purchased from an artisan store or bakery chain.

  • Indulgent: with 67% of consumers tending to buy more small indulgent treats in difficult financial times.  

  • Local: as locally sourced products are considered to be more trustworthy by 66% of consumers.

  • Affordable: with 67% of families expecting financial losses due to the crisis, and many paying more attention to the amount spent on food

Poland: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning sales channels

Purchasing behaviour has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as well, with two sales channels likely to perform better after the crisis: 

  • An increasing number of consumers plan to shop their baked goods at an artisan bakery. Artisan stores are considered the most trusted shopping location for hygiene and food safety.

  • Online purchases are increasingly popular as well. And although the majority of consumers don’t shop online in Poland, even after covid-19, 69% of the respondents agree that all stores and restaurants should provide home delivery.

Poland: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Home baking

During the lockdown, 79% of Polish consumers were home baking, amongst which a notable 93% state they will continue or even increase their home baking activities in the future. 78% of them agree that home baking offers added value in terms of hygiene. Good to know: two out of three Polish consumers want help with easy, healthy recipes, a larger choice of home baking ingredients, and more online content for home baking.

Poland: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Stay tuned for more consumer insights

In the upcoming months, we will continue to explore and gather in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviour, attitudes, choices and trends related to Bakery categories.