Picnic pleasure: daylong freshness

Picnic pleasure: daylong freshness


Taste, freshness and healthiness. Those are the three criteria consumers’ value when buying baked goods. It's all about opting for the right balance. With Puraslim, Puratos offers an innovative ingredient that lowers the products’ fat level while providing an excellent taste and freshness to soft and sweet breads. Try our tasty recipes which stay longer fresh and are ideal for on-the-go and shared lunches like picnics!

The Picnic recipe shows two variations of delicious and good-looking breads with an improved nutritional value. The recipes are made with the same ingredients but allow to go for a completely different look. Get inspired and create your own!



Picnic roll
  • Flour 100%
  • Water 28%
  • Yeast Fresh 6%
  • Eggs 20%
  • Sugar 12%
  • Sapore Madre 10%
  • Egg Yolk 5%
  • Easy Soft'r 10/100 10%
  • Aristo Pan 10%

Working Method

Picnic roll

Mixing spiral: 3 minutes slow + 3 fast add fat,another 3 slow and 3 fast
Dough temperature: 28 ˚C
Bulk fermentation: 10 minutes
Scale: 1200 g for 30 rolls
Intermediate proof: 10 minutes
Make up: Round up and place on paper lined high sided trays spaced 1.5 cm apart
Final fermentation: 60-80 minutes at 35 ˚C, 85% relative humidity
Decoration before baking: Sunset Glaze
Oven temperature: 230 ˚C
Baking time: 10 minutes

Tips & Tricks
If using instant yeast; divide the amount by 3.

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