Personalisation to the max


Food is becoming more and more personal. Consumers view food as a way to express themselves and they really appreciate custom-made bread, patisserie and chocolate. The Taste Tomorrow survey shows that consumers are very curious about food adapted to their own nutritional needs. Learn more about the hyper personal trend.

Taste Tomorrow: a step into the future of food
Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest consumer survey of bakery, patisserie and chocolate. It gathers data from over 17,000 consumers in 40 countries and offers fresh insights about health, taste, convenience, experience, digital and more. The latest survey reveals nine key worldwide trends. One of these trends is ‘hyper personal’.

Personalisation is becoming more advanced
Personalisation is something we’re already familiar with in the shape of things like personalized birthday cakes. But it goes way beyond this. We believe we’re only at the very beginning of this trend. The latest survey reveals that consumers are very curious about food adapted to their own nutritional needs.

Personalisation to the max

Consumers love personalised food and services
Personalisation started out as a few basic adaptations but has advanced to include things like enabling consumers to select ingredients, or 3D finishing touches. But as we said, this is just the beginning. Today, more and more consumers are already tracking their activities with wearables. Based on how many calories they’ve burned or the goals they set, diet recommendations can be provided. The survey shows that many consumers are open to this. 

Personalisation to the max

DNA-based diets are welcomed
The next step will be more advanced recommendations based on consumers’ DNA or gut health. We asked consumers all over the world: “Would you adapt your food consumption if you knew what your optimal diet was, based on your DNA?” The majority answered in the affirmative. Consumers are clearly interested in taking personalisation to new heights.

Personalisation to the max

Key takeaways from the ‘hyper personal’ trend
Summarising the hyper personal trend, we see three key takeaways:

  • Food is becoming more personal

  • Custom-made bread, patisserie and chocolate are highly appreciated

  • Consumers are willing to adapt their food consumption based on their DNA 

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