Personalisation: a trend in baked goods


Every person in the world is unique and has his personal preferences. That’s why personalisation is trending. The clothes they wear, their shoes, their car, their coffee… consumers want everything to reflect their personal taste. That also applies to their food, including baked goods.


Personalisation brings trust
The Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that consumers increasingly want the baked goods they buy to meet their own taste. Having input in the preparation of their food makes them better understand the process and gives them more trust in the quality of the baked goods. This was further underlined when consumers were asked to rank several (fictional) product concepts on relevance, uniqueness and the willingness to purchase. One of the winning concepts was MyBreaD. 

Personalisation: a trend in baked goods

MyBreaD: design your own bread
The concept that was proposed in the Taste Tomorrow survey was a new bakery concept in which consumers can design their own perfect bread by choosing their favourite dough-mix or adding extra ingredients like nuts, fruits or herbs. The baker then bakes this, so the customer can take home his very own freshly baked bread.

This concept was welcomed enthusiastically by the respondents:

  • 74% of our global respondents considered this concept very relevant and 80% would definitely buy it.
  • In America the scores were even higher: almost 80% considered the concept very relevant and more than 85% would definitely buy the concept. 
  • Brazil has the highest rankings with more than 90% of our respondents indicating that they would buy bread from MyBreaD.

Curious to see how this concept works? Watch the MyBreaD video!

Personalisation: a trend in baked goods

Concepts that prosper on the personalisation trend
Baked goods might not be the easiest products to personalise. Some bakeries, for example, offer different types of bread based on the baking time: light and soft or dark and crunchy. These extra options give consumers the idea that the bread is tailored to their personal preferences, adding to the regular choices of white, brown or wholegrain.

Looking for more inspiration to personalise your products? These concepts understand the added value of personalisation very well:

1. Create your own chocolate bar
At the ChocoCreation counter in the Ritter flagship shop, you can create your own Ritter Sport bar by choosing your favourite kind of chocolate and toppings. You can pick it up within 30 minutes, which is no problem at all in this chocolate paradise, with its 3 floors filled with interactive chocolate departments.

Ritter Sport
Französische Straße 24, 10117 Berlin

Personalisation: a trend in baked goods

2. Piglet, cactus and panda bear donuts
At the California Donuts shop, you can order the prettiest custom-made donuts for every occasion, in every shape and with every glaze or topping you wish. Looking for huge donuts as a birthday cake, letter-shaped donuts or donuts in the shape of a piglet, cactus or panda bear? No problem at all.

California Donuts
3540 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles

Personalisation: a trend in baked goods

3. Big personalised cakes
Big custom-made cakes. That’s what the concept ‘Happy Gâteau’ of Bakery Group La Lorraine is famous for. On their online platform you can create and order any cake you like, completely adapted to your wishes. Choose your taste, size,  theme, text, stickers and even a photo if you want. No inspiration? Their blog will help to advise you on successful combinations, designs and shapes.

Personalisation: a trend in baked goods

Looking for ways to personalise (one of) your products? Or do you want to discover more about the MyBreaD concept? Contact your local Puratos representative to find out how Puratos can help you.