Offer ultimate freshness with this Multigrain bread


Many consumers feel that products which look and smell fresh, radiate high quality. That was revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey, together with eight other global trends. So, to make a good impression on your customers, it’s important that your shop and products radiate freshness. This recipe for a delicious Multigrain bread gives you a head start.

People experience freshness with all their senses
Consumers use all their senses to determine how fresh a product is. They smell it, look at it, touch it and they check its expiration date. Baking in full view, using an open oven concept, spreading the smell of freshly baked products, displaying big, crusty loaves – these are all examples of ways you can radiate freshness.

Pain à la coupe 
Another concept that really shows and tells freshness, is Pain à la coupe. More and more bakeries are implementing this concept, which involves selling large loaves of bread by weight. Customers can request the exact weight they need without having to buy an entire loaf. By definition, large loaves lose less moisture, so this fits very well into the freshness trend. Adding a high percentage of water and a pinch of O-tentic will increase freshness even more. And this Multigrain bread, which can be sold ‘à la coupe’, also has other benefits for both bakers and customers

Offer ultimate freshness with this Multigrain bread

Working Method

Mixing Spiral

8 min 1st speed, 5 min 2nd speed. Add grains last 3 minutes.

Dough Temperature

25 - 26 ̊C

Bulk fermentation

45 min fold at 30 min



Intermediate proof

20 min

Make Up

Make Long and roll in water and Puravita Decor.

Final Fermentation

60 min at 28 ̊C, 80% RH or overnight at 6 ̊C on floured couche.

Decoration before baking

Cut in 3 times.

Oven temperature

250 ̊C with steam.

Baking Time

5 min then drop oven temperature at 220 ̊C and bake for 45min-1hour.

Tips & Tricks

Open your damper the last 10min of baking.

Interested in this recipe?

Besides O-Tentic, one of the key ingredients in this crusty Multigrain bread is Softgrain: tender sprouts, wholegrains and seeds infused with sourdough. 

Interested in trying out this recipe yourself? Download a PDF of the Multigrain bread recipe.