O-tentic: for natural breads with an authentic taste

O-tentic: for natural breads with an authentic taste


O-tentic is a natural unique active bakery component that gives you the creative freedom to make breads with an outstanding, authentic taste and texture, without the need for long fermentation times. Together with your personal expertise,
O-tentic will enable you to create a wide range of high-quality breads with ease.

Rule of thumb
An important benefit is the simple application of 4% on the flour weight, in combination with water and salt. O-tentic has its own fermentation power. It’s even possible to make part baked breads, to ensure your consumers of fresh freshly baked-off bread every moment of the day.

Authentic naturalness
O-tentic is an entire natural and lactose free ingredient. This E-number free ingredient is based on a long tradition and heritage with origin-certified ingredients from Apulia . It inspires bakers to create delicious breads with the taste and texture of the good old days.

In short, O-tentic is:

- Different: create traditional bread that is distinctive in terms of taste and texture 
- Convenient: with few ingredients and less time 
- Flexible: for any bread type and different baking processes
- Natural: all-natural ingredients

O-tentic product ranges includes: 

- O-tentic Durum
- O-tentic Origin
- O-tentic Adagio

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Or watch this video to create the O-tentic Pain Rustique.