Mobile sensory lab helps discover consumer preferences

Mobile sensory lab helps discover consumer preferences


At Puratos we are known for our focus on research & development. We use qualitative analysis to develop better products and solutions to meet our customers and consumers wishes. Puratos came up with an innovative way to do qualitative sensory market research and developed her own mobile research hub, the Sensobus and  Sensobox. Here, consumers are tested for biological and psychological responses to flavours, appearances and textures.

The Puratos Sensobus is a unique, sensory analysis lab on wheels. Fully equipped with a neutral tasting environment, it can visit customer locations to identify consumer preferences on the spot. The Sensobusses operate in the European and North American market and can welcome up to 300 consumers a day. The research is conducted right where consumers do their daily food shopping. It helps explore local or regional consumer preferences and differences. In just a few days of fieldwork the sensobus can take a highly representative sample right at the heart of your target audience. After consumers give their sensory input, the information is analysed by our researchers who then use it to help with their product development. It is traditional research done in a contemporary way.

The Sensobox is a mobile lab in form of fair booths that can be installed in shopping malls or at any other location and is equipped with six tasting booths and a mini kitchen for product preparations. At this moment there is a Sensobox working in China and there will be another one installed in Malaysia in 2014.