Mix & match to taste: Tartelette

Mix & match to taste: Tartelette


Consumers want the food they buy to reflect to their own personal tastes as closely as possible. We call this trend 'My-nnovation'. To make it even more complex for operators, they actually like their products to be freshly made to order or to be finished à la minute. With the Tartelette Carat you can now offer your consumers a new sense of customization. Mix & match to taste!

Ideal to share
The tartelette provides a perfect opportunity to respond to this need for customization. You can provide endless variation by offering different fillings, coverings and decorations while keeping each tartelette all in the same triangular shape and size. The consumer is free to mix & match as he pleases. You can sell the tartelettes in any quantity, and in a wide range of custom flavours. This makes it a perfect item to share. 

Ideal to-go
The tartelette is also a perfect product to satisfy the instant cravings of your customers. When served in a convenient packaging the tartelette is the perfect to-go patisserie snack. It is easy to make and can conveniently be branded with your company name or logo. 


  • Tegral Patacrout 500 g
  • Aristo Primeur Croissant 200 g
  • Whole egg 50 g
Fruit filling
  • Topfil (cherry, pear or mandarin) 300 g
Carat Creamy
  • Festipak 125 g
  • Milk 125 g
  • Egg yolk 50 g
  • Bavarois Neutre 50 g
  • Carat Coverlux (dark, milk or white) 190 g
  • Chantypak 300 g
  • Carat Coverlux 150 g

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Working Method


Mix all ingredients together to obtain a smooth dough.
Roll down to 3 mm shape that  the tart shell (22cm diameter).
Bake at 170 °C for 10 to 12 minutes.


Process the Topfil to break down the piece. 

Carat Creamy

Boil the Festipak and the milk before adding the egg yolk and cook to 85 °C.
Pour over the Carat Coverlux and the Bavarois Neutre.
Use an immersion to obtain a good emulsion.


Bring the Chantypak to 85 °C
Pour on the Carat Coverlux.
Mix well. Put in fridge for a few hours.



Spread 100 grams of fruitfilling on the bottom of the tart shell.
Pour 350 grams of the Carat Creamy on top.
Freeze it. When frozen cut in 8 pieces.
Lightly whip the remaining Carat Cream.
Pipe Carat Cream drops on the tart pieces and add some Chantypak Chantilly drops.
Decorate with fine Carat sticks.

Process Steps

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One of the main ingredients of the Tartelette Carat is Carat Coverlux. Read more about this product and discover additional recipes. 

Would you like to try out this recipe? Download the Tartelette recipe in PDF.