Meal mobility: up to the challenge

Meal mobility: up to the challenge


As consumers tend to snack more "on the go", in the future food will become more portable and will, in general, be easier to eat. At point of sales, this results in an increased demand for products with enhanced shelf lifes and longlasting moistness and softness. Puratos helps answer todays challenges by offering smart product innovations. We show three examples.

Patisserie – Acti-Fresh
Especially when it comes to single-packed, ‘to go’ cake products, we see a growing popularity. Acti-Fresh provides the solution for making cakes more resistant, more cohesive and less breakable.

Bakery – Soft ‘r melting
The melting mouthfeel – common in desserts and ice cream – is now also compatible with bread tasting. This technology brings a melting texture sensation to bread products that lasts from day one until the end of the shelf life. Soft ‘r Melting offers a unique combination of moistness, softness, resilience and a short bite. 

Chocolate – Carat compound 
Using chocolate as an ingredient can be difficult. Carat compound now offers a convenient easy applicable chocolate filling or coating that doesn't need to be tempered, which gives it a huge competitor advantage.This range of high quality hard and soft compound chocolates is easy to use for single-portion bakery goods.

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