Local heroes in bread

Local heroes in bread


By providing a range of convenient breadmixes and easy to follow recipes, Breads of the World helps to create original and tasty breads from all over the world. Varying from Mexican sweet buns to Italian ciabatta and from a French baguette to a Japanese sushi roll bun.

Breads of the World enables supermarkets and bakery chains to create a wide range of original breads, that taste as if they were made in their country of origin. With the mix range, Puratos makes it easy to recreate local favourites and make them world famous. The range offers ready to use mixes, that were developed in close collaboration with specialist bakers in France, Italy and the Nordic countries.

Recipe videos
On our Puratos YouTube channel you will find various Breads of the World recipe videos. For example, check out the instruction video on how to create your own perfect Japanese sushi roll bun. Watch the video:

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