Innovations in cake freshness

Innovations in cake freshness


A laboratory is a place of science, rigor, precision, but also of innovation, discovery and high-level teamwork. Puratos seeks to convey all of those values in the Cake Freshness Lab while encouraging cake manufacturers to take a bigger bite out of the growing cake market with Acti-Fresh.

The Cake Freshness Lab is an interactive site designed as a point of entry for the cake industry into the world of Acti-Fresh solutions. Acti-Fresh is an enzyme-emulsifier technology that enhances a cake's softness, moistness and cohesiveness. Equally important are the benefits that derive from it – more upfront freshness after baking and longer freshness over time.

The Cake Freshness Lab is an efficient information portal to the range of Acti-Fresh solutions. It's also a place where testing and innovation are of critical importance. Methodologies such as cake mapping, as well as the innovative Sensobus allow Puratos to work closely with cake manufacturers to better understand consumer preferences and define the optimum local cake recipes or cake solution based on Acti-Fresh. 

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