Hybrids : halfway between classics and innovation


Consumers around the world want both innovation and classics when it comes to baked goods. The Taste Tomorrow survey reveals that consumers enjoy new types, shapes and textures just as much as the traditional ones. That's where we see the popularity of hybrid bakery goods: new patisserie and bakery goods made from the combinations of well-known classics. Get inspired!

Hybrids allow you to innovate with what works best as traditional recipes. An undeniable way to translate your creativity and to adapt your offering with fresh and tasty finished goods! Do you have any creations to share? We would love to improve our selection!

27 Jun 2017


Why would you drink coffee from a normal cup when you can drink it from an eatable container? Beware you must drink your coffee quickly though because the cookie will get soggy if you take too long!

Coffeecone - The Gindza - South Africa

27 Jun 2017

Cookie and milkshot

This hybrid is comparable with the coffeecone. It’s based on the classic combination of milk and cookies, the milk comes in a shot glass that is actually a cookie.

Cookie and milkshot - The Dirty Cookie - US

27 Jun 2017


The donut is a popular product to mix with other foods – like, for example, the Donnoli. This invention by Frangelli’s Bakery is a combination between a donut and a cannoli. Cannoli cream is a mixture of a drier type of Ricotta, chocolate chips and buttercream.

Donnoli - Frangelli’s Bakery - US

27 Jun 2017


The American and the French meet thanks to this donut-macaroon combination. It’s a big macaroon with a buttercream filling and, of course, a typical donut hole in the middle, all finished with colourful coating.

Macaronuts - Francois Payard - US

27 Jun 2017


The mallomac is a chocolate coated marshmallow, invented by Dana’s Bakery and is the evolved version of the Mallomar (a marshmallow coated in chocolate).

Mallomac - Dana's Bakery - US

27 Jun 2017


A cross between a tart and a brownie. The outside is crispy like a tart and the inside has a delicious brownie filling. Not to mention the fudge coating…

Townie - Beas of Bloomsbury - UK

18 May 2016


The biskie is a fresh, unique handmade sandwiched dessert. A creation of biscuit, cookie and cake filled with special lightened buttercream, handmade jams, caramels and other delights.

Biskie - Cutter and Squidge - UK

18 May 2016


This is one of Oprah Winfreys’ favourites: the brioche and the muffin. The bruffin can be eaten anytime: from breakfast to lunch to dinner to midnight snacking.

Bruffin - The Bruffin - USA

18 May 2016


Cherpumple is a pie made of cherry, pumpkin and apple. It is the desert version of the ‘Turducken’. This three-layer cake has a pie stuffed in each layer.

Cherpumple - Charles Phoenix - USA

18 May 2016


This unique hybrid it invented in Paris by Christophe Adam. It’s not choux pastry, it’s not a burger, it’s a chouger. Silky cream filling with a crispy cookie crust.

Chouger - L’Eclair de Génie - France

18 May 2016


The cragel is a glazed twisted bagel that looks like a croissant. Some people call it a ‘dagel’ because they experience the taste more Danish instead of French… What do you think?

Cragel - The Bagel Store - USA

18 May 2016


Chef Dominique Ansel brings his customers constant creativity. That is why he created the Cronut ® pastry: the unique combination of croissant and doughnut. Fans must be patient as only one flavour of the Cronut ® pastry is released each month.

Cronut - Dominique Ansel Bakery - USA

18 May 2016


The crookie is a heavenly marriage of a croissant and double stuffed Oreo-style cookies. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness with a touch of salty butter.

Crookie - Clafouti - Canada

18 May 2016


The cruffin combines croissant and muffin created in Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne. Since its creation in 2013, multiple variations of the cruffin have emerged all around the world.

Cruffin - Lune Croissanterie - Australia

18 May 2016


This fast food franchise which was founded in the United States in 1956, nowadays their headquarter is in Japan. There they created a perfect combination of sushi and patisserie: sushido. Sushi has never been that sweet!

Sushido - Mister Donut - Japan

18 May 2016


The Waffles Café in Chicago is the ‘home of the wonut’. The wonut is part waffle and part doughnut. It’s available in all sorts: from Peppered Bacon to Green Tea along with Red Velvet.

Wonut - Waffles Café - USA