How has ultimate convenience evolved since covid-19?


The latest Taste Tomorrow survey revealed a globally growing demand for ultimate convenience. With consumers being very busy, with little spare time, convenience in buying food had become increasingly important. But then came covid-19. How has the coronavirus impacted the need for convenience? We surveyed consumers all over the world to find out.

How has ultimate convenience evolved since covid-19?

The ultimate convenience trend before covid-19

Before covid-19, consumers wanted immediate access to everything they desired, without having to wait or compromise. They expected to buy more food online in the future. And at the same time, they didn’t want high street shops to disappear. They wanted the best of both worlds: the convenience of online purchasing and the real-life, full sensory experience of the physical store.

Did covid-19 impact this trend?

Our new research shows that the ultimate convenience trend gained momentum thanks to covid-19. With restaurants and catering outlets closed, and with many people dreading crowded supermarket visits, convenience stores and e-commerce have become more popular. It also made room for new fulfilment methods, like curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and staff taking orders while consumers wait in line.

There’s a continued high interest in buying baked goods online and getting food delivered. One in two consumers agree that all stores and restaurants should be able to deliver at home.

How has ultimate convenience evolved since covid-19?

Back to normal?

Covid-19 is not over yet. But even a return to normal will not necessarily mean business as usual, as consumers want to keep convenience-driven services. When asked which service counter restaurants should continue to offer after reopening, multiple services were mentioned:

How has ultimate convenience evolved since covid-19?

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