Greece: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’


The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on consumers, changing how they live, what they eat and how they purchase.  To understand these changes in behaviour and to offer our customers in-depth insights, Puratos is conducting consumer surveys around the world to discover how bakery categories will need to adapt and evolve to meet future consumer needs in the ‘new normal’.

At the end of May 2020, Puratos conducted a consumer survey on the impact of the coronavirus in Greece. In this article, you can discover how the needs for bakery items have evolved for Greek consumers. What are their key criteria when buying bakery products, which items do they value most, and how do they prefer to buy them?

Greece: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Freshness, taste and price

Freshness, taste and price remain the most important decision criteria when purchasing baked goods in Greece, confirming the results of the latest Taste Tomorrow research.

Hygiene is getting more important and is now ranked as the fourth decision criterion. Most consumers state that they will pay more attention to hygiene in food outlets.

Greece: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning bakery products

Product preferences of Greek consumers are evolving. The corona crisis is expected to boost sales of products that are: 

  • Freshly packed with 1-2 days shelf life. Consumers are also still comfortable with unpacked breads from artisan stores, but in-store bakeries in retail are likely to experience a post-corona crisis.

  • Local, considered more trustworthy. 

  • Affordable, with 34% of Greek families expecting to lose 50% to 100% of their income, most will pay more attention to the amount spent on food.

Greece: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning sales channels

Purchasing behaviours are also changing, with artisan bakers likely to win market share after the crisis. In contrast with other countries surveyed so far, only 4% of Greek shoppers expect to purchase bread online more often than before the crisis.

Home baking 

While staying at home during the lockdown, 82% of Greek consumers were home baking, amongst which an amazing 89% state they will continue or even increase their home baking activities in the future. 61% of the home bakers want help to create easy and healthy recipes.

Greece: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

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In the coming months, we will continue to explore and gather in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviour, attitudes, choices and trends related to Bakery categories.

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