Germany: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’


The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on consumers, changing how they live, what they eat, and how they purchase.  To understand these changes in behaviour and to offer our customers in-depth insights, Puratos is conducting consumer surveys around the world to discover how bakery categories will need to adapt and evolve to meet future consumer needs in the ‘new normal’.

Following studies in China and Poland, Puratos conducted a consumer survey in Germany in May 2020. In this article, you’ll discover how the needs for bakery items have changed for German consumers. What are their key concerns when buying bakery products, which items do they value most, and how do they prefer to buy?

Taste comes first

When purchasing bakery produce, taste remains the most important selection criterion for German consumers, confirming the results of the latest Taste Tomorrow research. Freshness also remains a key decision driver, while price completes the top three.

The importance of healthiness is growing, especially for breads, showing German consumers are increasingly looking for foods that strengthen their health and immunity. And while hygiene is also considered in Germany, it is less of a concern than it is in China, possibly because of pre-existing high standards

Germany: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning bakery products

The product preferences of German consumers are evolving. The coronavirus crisis is expected to boost sales of products that are: 

  • Healthy: breads with more grains and a higher fibre content, cakes with less sugar, and chocolate with added nuts and fruits are topping consumers’ wish lists to improve their diet. 

  • Freshly packed with 1-2 days’ shelf life: just like in the Chinese market, German consumers have become uncomfortable with non-packaged products (in self-service), because ‘everybody can touch it’. That’s an important change that in-store bakeries will have to adapt to in the new normal. For Patisserie, frozen products are also more trusted by German consumers.

  • Indulgent: with sweet baked goods particularly appreciated as small indulgent treats. 

  • Local: as locally sourced products are considered more trustworthy. 

  • Affordable: one out of two families expect financial losses due to the crisis and many will pay more attention to the amount spent on food.

Germany: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Winning sales channels


Purchasing behaviours are also changing. These two sales channels are likely to perform better after the crisis:

  • Online purchases have vastly increased during the crisis and are expected to keep growing, as consumers stick to their new shopping routines. 47% of the respondents agree that all stores and restaurants should provide home delivery.

  • Artisans and bakery chains have become the most trusted shopping locations for hygiene and food safety.

Germany: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Home baking in Germany

While staying at home during the lockdown, 55% of German consumers were home baking. This percentage is relatively low compared to China and Poland. But notably, 95% of these German home bakers want to continue or even increase their baking activities in the future. Home bakers use mixes (58%) and/or bake from scratch (77%). One out of two consumers want help with easy, healthy recipes, a larger choice of home baking ingredients, and more online content for home baking. 

Germany: consumer expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Stay tuned for more consumer insights

In the upcoming months, we will continue to explore and gather in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviour, attitudes, choices and trends related to Bakery categories.

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