Fruity fillings to please your customers' taste buds - recipe 2/2

Fruity fillings to please your customers' taste buds - recipe 2/2


Consumers around the world consider fruit fillings as the winning ingredient in sweet baked goods, as it provides great taste and adds a sense of healthiness. To help you capitalise on the natural goodness of fruit, Puratos developed Vivafil fruit fillings. 

Try this recipe and discover the exceptionally smooth and taste of Puratos Vivafil fruit fillings yourself.


Apple Rose Puff Pastry
  • Flour 1000 g
  • Water 520 g
  • Salt 20 g
  • Apples 2
  • Mimetic (in the dough) 100 g
  • Mimetic (lamination) 600 g
  • Vivafil Strawberry Qs

Working Method

Apple Rose Puff Pastry

Important: start one day in advance preparing the dough

Mix the flour, the water, the salt and the butter together with a spiral for 3 minutes at low speed and 3 minutes at medium speed.
Let the dough rest 30 minutes in the freezer at -18 °C.
For the lamination, make one double fold (*4) and one single fold (*3).
Let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 12hours.
The day after, restart with one double fold (*4) and one single fold (*3).
Roll the puff pastry at 2.5 mm and cut bands of 4.5 cm by 23 cm.
Spread a thin layer of Vivafil Strawberry on top.
Cut the apple in thin slices. Put them 20 seconds in the microwave.
Put the slices on middle of the band of puff pastry and fold the bottom side on the apples.
Roll the band and put it in a Silpain mould.
Bake at 210 °C for 30 minutes.

Process Steps

Interested in this recipe?

Puratos fruit fillings
Puratos offers two ranges of fruit fillings:

  • Topfil contains up to 90% fruit pieces, providing a unique refreshing texture.
  • Vivafil fruit fillings are prepared with fruit purée: containing 30% fruit, offering a smoother texture.

Both fillings contain no artificial colours and flavours. Read more about these innovative ingredients and learn how it can be helpful for your business.