Fruit fillings: tasty goodness from nature

Fruit fillings: tasty goodness from nature


Consumers nowadays opt for more natural ingredients. Looking at patisserie, the Taste Tomorrow survey shows that fruits are perceived as the best ingredients to bring both taste and healthiness. Fruit fillings provide the perfect opportunity to bring the natural goodness from fruit to your baked goods.

Wanted: naturalness
Using Puratos fruit fillings enables you to increase the quality perception of your pastry items, while at the same time giving them a more natural appeal. With nothing but natural colourings and flavours, and all the natural sweetness from fruits. Create delicious pastries with the rich Topfil or Vivafil fruit fillings.

Fruit fillings: tasty goodness from nature

Topfil: delicious fruits straight from the forest
Topfil is a range of delicious fruit fillings made with real fruit pieces for an enhanced texture and visual appeal. We choose wild berries straight from the forest. They are handpicked during summer times to provide the best flavour. With up to 90% fruit, Topfil will give your consumers the taste and texture of fresh fruits. The filling is ready to use, bake and freeze stable. And thanks to the low sugar content it is in line with the consumer demand for more health.

Watch how Puratos Topfil wild blueberry is made:

Vivafil: superior in taste, texture and stability
The range of Vivafil fruit fillings have natural fruit markers and contain 30% fruit. The texture is exceptionally smooth and fresh in the mouth. Vivafil is prepared with tasteful fruits and only contains natural colourings and flavourings. With its superior stability Vivafil opens the door to new applications. It is extremely efficient to work with: ready to use, freeze and bake stable, it can be used in cold or baked applications! 
Fruit fillings: tasty goodness from nature
Independent tests verify that consumers rate Vivafil as good as traditional jam in terms of taste and texture, but consider it to have an even more natural appeal.

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