Foodtrucks are here to stay

Foodtrucks are here to stay


The maturation of the mobile revolution

The Taste Tomorrow study reveals that people consider on-the-go eating to be an integral part of the future of food. En masse, young entrepreneurs have jumped onto this to-go trend by taking their food offering on wheels: a foodtruck-restaurant enables them to provide excellent food at any given place and time.

Due to the limited space, for kitchen equipment, storage and staff - the food offering often focuses on one single hero product. Its a perfect way to become world famous with one superstar product and to capitalise on classics.

Get inspired by our selection of food trucks that truly focuses on baked goods and chocolate.

24 Mar 2016


Forget about hotdog buns, at Bauetteaboutit the sausages come in a freshly baked French baguette, along with a sauce of choice that is made from fresh ingredients from local farmers markets. Baguettaboutit features six flavours of sausage, eight handcrafted sauces and also offers a vegetarian selection.

Baguettaboutit - United Kingdom

24 Mar 2016


BeaverTails is specialized in float fried dough pastries and poutines. The fully customizable pastries can be topped with all sorts of candy toppings.

BeaverTails - Canada

24 Mar 2016


Bloempies is a self made up breadconcept. The mini's can be eaten as fingerfood, or for the bigger appetite you can order the large variant. Bloempie is filled with warm fillings like cheese, fresh vegetables or ragout.

Bloempie - The Netherlands

24 Mar 2016


Chocollazo chocolate trolley is devoted to chocolate. This chocolateshop on wheels offers an array of hand-crafted, gourmet chocolate treasures made with premium Belgian chocolate and no preservatives.

Chocollazo - US

24 Mar 2016

De Tostibus

The Tostibus is all about preparing and serving fresh tosti’s. Tosti is Dutch for a grilled sandwich. Next to tosti’s they serve organic coffee and all sorts of tea, soda, organic juices, and smoothies.

De Tostibus - The Netherlands

24 Mar 2016

La Farm Bakery

La Fam bakery produces 15 different styles and an additional 20 seasonal breads throughout the year using a European-style hearth over. The breads benefit from a unique and lengthy 3-day process which ensures maximum development of flavor and texture. All breads are hand crafted daily.

La Farm Bakery - United States

24 Mar 2016

Le Casse Croute

Le Casse Croute is focused on simple French food. The home made snacks like their mothers were cooking at home when they wanted to give a quick but tasty lunch. Croque-Monsieur anyone?

Le Casse Croute - India

24 Mar 2016

Le Croissant

As the name already reveals, Le Croissant serves croissants. They offer every combination you can imagine. Gluten-free and low carb options also available.

Le Croissant - United States

24 Mar 2016

OMG! Cheesecakery

This food truck is arised by a huge passion for both making and eating cheesecake. As the name already reveals, they only offer cheesecake. But you can choose from a wide range of toppings.

OMG! Cheesecakery - United States

24 Mar 2016

Pin up pastries

This foodtruck is a collaboration of two people blending their culinary passions into a number of avenues bringing their visions and ideas for desserts, pies and cupcakes to Southern Arizona.

Pin up pastries - United States

24 Mar 2016


Pofferdikkie offers a typical Dutch organic specialty: ‘poffertjes’. Small pancakes traditionally served with butter and sugar, but also available with strawberries, chocolate or liquor.

Pofferdikkie - The Netherlands

24 Mar 2016

Pretty sweet

The Pretty Sweet food truck is specialized in new flavours and artfully decorated cupcake creations. The owner cools the freshly baked goods on board and ices them throughout the day to ensure freshness.

Pretty sweet - Canada

24 Mar 2016

Sweetness Bakery

This sweet truck sells freshly baked cupcakes that are known for their inventive and indulgent combinations of cake, filling and frosting. This traveling confectionery shop boasts numerous nut-free selections for those with allergies.

Sweetness Bakery - Canada

24 Mar 2016

Vincent van Doughnut

At Vincent van Doughnut they pour the perfect mixture of fresh ideas and ingredients into each batch of artisanal, handmade from scratch doughnuts and pastries.

Vincent van Doughnut - USA

24 Mar 2016

Wafels enzo

Wafels enzo offers the classic vanilla waffles. Every season they bring new different tastes. The waffles are freshly baked and even available sugar free.

Wafels enzo - Belgium

22 Mar 2016


It’s the only foodtruck in the Netherlands that serves this old Dutch specialty. The original wentelteefjes are made out of bread, eggs, milk, butter and cinnamon. In this truck they offer wentelteefjes like grandma used to make them. But also new tastes with banana, goat cheese, pesto or coconut cream.

Wentelteefjes - The Netherlands

21 Mar 2016


Stroopz you have to see, smell and taste. They produce ‘stroopwafels’: a nostalgic sweet and salt Dutch cookie with treacle. Stroopz also offers a healthy option: a spelt stroopwafel with superfoods.

Stroopz - The Netherlands