Express your love of craft with this Fusion Focaccia


Craft is all about food with a human touch that showcases the artisan’s expertise and their love for the product and the craft, as well as the sharing of tradition and heritage. Using this recipe for a Fusion Focaccia, you can seriously showcase your craftsmanship!

Responding to consumers’ craving for craft
Craft is one of the nine global trends that were revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. There are many ways to respond to your customers’ desire for handcrafted products. For instance, you can display how the products are made by baking in full view or by using an open oven concept like they do at Carrefour or Kamps Backstube. And you can also adapt your storytelling, the way you tell customers about your heritage or your recipe.

These are examples of how to use production to display craft. But what’s in the product also matters: the ingredients and recipe also define craft for consumers.

Fusion Focaccia
That’s why we’re presenting this recipe for a beautiful Fusion Focaccia. Made with local ingredients, this fusion focaccia provides consumers an experience that is both visually appealing and tasty. It combines fermented black garlic and tomato coloured dough, and is topped off with a dentelle made of green algae or black squid ink. Creating this dough is a great way to display your craftsmanship!

Express your love of craft with this Fusion Focaccia

Working Method

Mixing Spiral
  • 4 min. at 1st speed – 5 min. at 2nd speed
Dough Temperature

26 ̊C

Bulk fermentation

15 min. ambient temperature



Intermediate proof

Laminate all doughs separately to 2mm in a 60x40 rectangle shape and place on a tray in the following order olive, then tomato and then garlic.
Once done, place in the freezer covered with plastic.

Make Up
  • Roll out again to 2mm then roll up and place for another 15 min. in the freezer to make it easier for cutting.
  • Place 4 pieces into the wooden box. 
Final Fermentation

60 min. 30 ̊C, 80% humidity

Decoration before baking

Sunset Glaze

Oven temperature


Baking Time

20 min.

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To make the dentelle

  • Combine 200ml water, 60g oil, 15g flour and 2g algae powder. For the black alternative, use squid ink.
  • Whisk until fully combined.
  • Place in hot frying pan with oil and cook until all water evaporates

It’s the perfection of this recipe that demonstrates your craftsmanship. But craft can also manifest itself in imperfections! Think of big, rustic sourdough breads, with their unique crust and artisanal appearance as expressed by David Redon in this article on staying true to craft.

Interested in trying out this recipe yourself? Download the PDF of the Fusion Focaccia recipe.