Exceed expectations with this next-level Easter egg


Enjoying food is about more than just eating – it’s the whole experience surrounding it. Consumers want to be impressed and surprised with the unexpected. Aspects like unanticipated flavours, structures or fillings, and also innovation, extra service and extraordinary presentation. This chocolate Easter egg answers the need for a next-level experience.

Next-level experience: the wish to be surprised and amazed
Next-level experience is one of the nine global trends that were revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. The survey showed that taste remains crucial to the full food experience, but people are looking for more than just good taste. They want an unforgettable experience.

This can be found in new experiences supported by technology, such as virtual reality or 3D printing. These concepts are experiential in a very special way. But you can also provide a next-level experience by presenting consumers with unique and surprising flavour, texture or presentation. 

Exceed expectations with this next-level Easter egg

Recipe: chocolate Easter egg
This Easter egg answers to the requirement for unique experiences, as it goes far beyond the usual hollow chocolate figures. The concept focuses on a key moment for consumers, Easter, while being a delight for the eye and palate. It also answers to the Instagrammable food trend, as beautiful creations like this contribute to the perfect picture. Such a product brings the tasting to a whole new level of experience.


Dark chocolate nest
  • Belcolade Selection Cacao Trace 65
Vanilla marshmallow
  • Egg whites 200 g
  • Caster sugar 400 g
  • Water 100 g
  • Glucose 160 g
  • Invert sugar 140 g
  • Gelatin sheet 50 g
  • Vanilla pods 2
Chocolate eggs
  • Belcolade Selection Cacao Trace 65
  • PatisFrance Hazelnut Gianduja

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Working Method

Dark chocolate nest
  • Temper the chocolate and create a cone using a small inflated balloon.
Vanilla marshmallow
  • In a saucepan mix the caster sugar with the water and bring to a boil. Add the glucose and invert sugar and boil the mixture up to 118 ̊C.

  • Whisk the egg whites to form stiff peaks, pour the sugar syrup directly on them, and add the gelatin sheet (previously soaked and melted).

  • Add the vanilla pods and scrape together until the mixture drops to 30 ̊C.

  • Place the mixture in the crystallized chocolate nests. Place a half-sphere of Belcolade Selection 65 dark chocolate directly in the centre, pressing until the marshmallow meets its edges.

Chocolate eggs
  • Mould into the shape of eggs and garnish with PatisFrance Hazelnut Gianduja.

  • Coat with sugar for the finishing touch.

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