Eric Kayser about traditional recipes and new technology

Eric Kayser about traditional recipes and new technology


Kayser bakeries is a leading example of what you would call "that authentic bakery feeling." Founder of this global bakery concept Eric Kayser shares his view. ‘The bread at Kayser is traditionally prepared with natural leaven. All breads are made with a natural fermentation process that takes up to fourteen hours. The way we work is following very old traditional recipes, but with the use of new technology, equipment and ingredients and with a keen eye for design. We always try to put the traditional product in a contemporary environment.’

Demand for quality
‘Customers coming to Kayser expect a consistent high quality level, with beautiful products on display. So I’ll always take care of that first. No matter what the trend in bakery business would be, quality is the most important and I think that the demand for high quality produce will evolve even more. Since the traditional bakery has become a trend, they pop-up everywhere, even in supermarkets. That’s a good thing, because the more people learn about good products and ingredients the better.’

‘To achieve the highest quality of products people need to understand about the product and the production process. This is true for people who work in the bakery business as well as for our customers. That’s why at Kayser bakeries we not only tell the story to our customers in person, but we also write it on the walls of our shops and we put it on the paper in which we wrap our baguettes. When customers come into my bakery shop, I want them to immediately understand that we bake a very natural product.’