Eating in style on-the-go


As we shift from three meals a day to a pattern of smaller and more frequent snacks, consumers are increasingly opting for to-go and on-the-go food. This brings new opportunities to create convenient snacks and packaging that support these new eating habits. 

Here’s some original styles of inspiring packaging.

30 Jan 2017

Carry all in one

This to-go burger packaging is designed for the ultimate convenience: consumers can take away their food and drinks with only one hand.

30 Jan 2017

Crêpes on the go

At La Petite Bretagne, you can enjoy gluten- and wheat-free French crêpes freshly made to order, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. When you order an on-the-go crepe you’ll get an attractive triangular carton to enjoy it wherever you want. Folding the crêpe makes it easy to package and eat on the go without cutlery.

La Petite Bretagne - UK

30 Jan 2017

Fast-service style

At La Lola in the Philippines, they’ve created the ultimate packaging to enjoy churros on the go. Their cone is inspired by those used for fries and mayonnaise, and is easy to hold and dip in chocolate sauce. This is a good example of using existing traditional to-go market materials to invent new ideas for your own product range.

La Lola - Philippines

30 Jan 2017

Feeling hot

This recyclable packaging is specially designed to take away warm baked goods. It uses intelligent insulation to keep the contents warm for longer – ideal for consumers who plan to eat off the premises.

The Packaging Insider

30 Jan 2017

Hands-on packaging

This new smart packaging concept responds to the sharing trend and keeps your hands clean while eating pizza. It's not on the market yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And it can be adapted to other products such as flatbreads and flammkuchen.

Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee - South Korea

30 Jan 2017

Like a present

Harvey’s offers breakfast, brunch and lunch in a comfortable restaurant with lots of space to sit. However, their packaging is so brilliant, you’ll almost want to order takeout just to get your hands on it. They giftwrap their sandwiches, a great example of how good packaging doesn’t have to be complicated. With original and well-designed paper, you’re already halfway there.

Harvey’s - USA

30 Jan 2017

Out of the oven

At Thelma’s Treats, they deliver their cookies fresh and warm right out of the oven. Their packaging goes a step further, turning the consumer into the baker!

Thelma’s threats - US

30 Jan 2017

Peel off

This packaging peels off like a banana skin, and is perfect for takeouts and eating on the go. It’s convenient, and it’s fun!

30 Jan 2017

Picnic style

This packaging is perfect if you don’t have a big budget but you do want something other than the standard product. All you need is cardboard, greaseproof paper, disposable cutlery and a string to give your baked goods an extra handmade touch. Suitable for pies, sandwiches, wraps, and baguettes… you name it!

30 Jan 2017

Smells good

Triticum, in Barcelona, offers a huge assortment of bread, from traditional loaves to their own special creations such as green tea and wine breads. Their packaging is even more surprising, as it has small holes allowing you to keep on smelling your baked goods. Irresistible!

Triticum - Spain

30 Jan 2017


At Flour Pot, they use packaging to share their menu. It’s a good example of the storytelling opportunities that packaging offers. Why not highlight how you make your products, ways of presenting and using them, the ingredients they contain, or a quality statement? The possibilities are endless!

Flour Pot - UK

30 Jan 2017

The handheld pie sleeve

For ‘bloody good’ savoury pies on the go, the Pie Commission in Toronto is the place to be. Customers can order pies in a handheld sleeve that flip open on both sides. This is convenient for consumers, and it’s also great free advertising on the streets.

Pie Commission - Canada