Drive-through bakery BROODS: the power of simplicity

Drive-through bakery BROODS: the power of simplicity


Today’s consumers are eating more on-the-go and more often too. Products that fulfil this need are becoming increasingly important. A good reason for entrepreneur Daphne Kempers (23) to integrate take-away into her business operations. Just over a year ago she set up BROODS, a sandwich bar with a drive-thru facility, near the Dutch-German border. “Our concept is successful primarily because it’s simple.”

Take it away
“It’s the perfect location. Situated on the edge of the forest right between two main roads and a motorway. Which is why we attract a lot of local customers.” But of course it’s the drive-thru that really makes the concept unique. “We’re the first and only one in the Netherlands!” It was a conscious decision to opt for a drive-thru rather than a delivery service. “Deliveries are always at peak hours, when we need all our staff on the premises.” People can drive, walk or even ride a horse up to the outside service window, where they can order, pay and receive their product straight away. The drive-thru menu is the same as at the sandwich bar. “When we started we offered a more limited menu but as soon as we got the hang of it we changed that.” Prices are identical too.

Drive-through bakery BROODS: the power of simplicity
German quality as speciality
According to Kempers, high-quality German breads made without E numbers or preservatives are a real magnet for customers. “We observed that many local people would cross the border into Germany (five kilometres away) to buy bread and rolls. They no longer have to! And the great thing is, the bakery that supplies us has over 100 years’ experience. They always have great recommendations about products and they know what consumers want.” The semi-baked German bread is delivered fresh every day and is then baked at BROODS itself. “Our customers can take away bread with or without toppings or eat it on the premises.” Quality is not expensive for customers, though. “We charge €2.20 for a healthy sandwich with fresh greens. In town that would easily set you back four or five euros.”

Drive-through bakery BROODS: the power of simplicity
Preparing and keeping up
According to Kempers everything depends on efficient preparation. “When lunch hour starts – at about 11 a.m. – our display is already full of ready-made sandwiches. Because of the rapid turnover the sandwiches are always fresh. Everything sells within half an hour.” The display is the central delivery point at BROODS. From there the sandwiches are wrapped and delivered to customers at the drive-thru window or over the counter inside the premises. “Once the display is empty, it’s matter of keeping up with demand.”

Drive-through bakery BROODS: the power of simplicity
Convenient packaging
Kempers deliberately keeps the packaging simple. “For every decision I ask myself: what does this contribute to the turnover? We have to make a profit selling sandwiches for an average of €2.20. The more elaborate the packaging, the more expensive the sandwich. We could opt for decorative ribbons or wrapping paper, which doesn’t have to be expensive, but on a good Sunday we sell 1000 sandwiches. That’s impossible!”

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