Deli Cheesecake, creates a smile every time...

Deli Cheesecake, creates a smile every time...


Inspired by the renowned New York Style Cheesecake, Deli Cheesecake is the first ready to use Cheesecake base containing the traditional cheesecake ingredients: cream cheese and eggs!

Ready to use, it allows to easily launch a trendy cheesecake in your assortment. Pamper your customers with the original New York cheesecake or create your own special signature recipe. 

Straight from the pail into the oven
Puratos Deli Cheesecake is the perfect convenient solution to make cheesecake. It can be used straight from the packaging and has a six-month shelf life in closed packaging at ambient storage. It is in fact the ideal product to implement in in-store bakery for example.

Be creative
With Deli Cheesecake you can innovate and differentiate. Cheesecake is delicious plain, but you can make it even more indulgent by adding more pleasure inside or on top. With its convenience of application, your imagination has no boundaries and you can play with shapes, sizes and decorations as you wish to propose a variety of choice to your customers!

  • Mix it: with chocolate, fillings, aromas
  • Shape it: for sharing or as a snack
  • Decorate it: with glazes, ganaches, crumbles, fillings

Your Cheesecake will always be a success
Cheesecake from scratch is not only time consuming, due to scaling and preparation, but also getting a good result with constant quality and without cracking can’t be guaranteed.

Say goodbye to water bath and long baking times
Peace of mind is on the horizon as limited skills and no consequent amounts of time are required! Deli Cheesecake is ready to use and easy to bake allowing to make the perfect cheesecake, every single time.

Why not try Deli Cheesecake for yourself? Here’s our cheesecake recipe!