Customisation for consumer satisfaction


Consumers are unique individuals with personal preferences. And, as our Taste Tomorrow research shows, they increasingly want the baked goods they buy to meet their own tastes. People clearly want more input in the preparation of their food, and they want to have a say in the products and innovations that come their way. By being in control, people feel that they better understand the process and have more confidence in the quality of the baked goods. This trend for customisation and control is what we call ‘my-nnovation’.

In the Taste Tomorrow research we asked consumers to rank several (fictional) product concepts on relevance, uniqueness and a willingness to purchase. The winning concepts all share common elements of customisation and flexibility. This clearly demonstrates that the consumer wants to be in control and has as much choice in the production process as practically possible.

These are two of the winning concepts:

Customisation for consumer satisfaction

Concept idea: My bread
My bread is a new bakery concept where consumers can design their own perfect bread by choosing their favourite dough-mix or adding extra ingredients like nuts, fruits or herbs. The baker then bakes this so that the customer can take home their very own warm, freshly baked bread.

The Taste Tomorrow results show:

- 74% of our global respondents considered this concept very relevant and 80% would definitely buy it.
- In America the scores were even higher. Almost 80% considers the concept as very relevant, 60% find it completely new and different, and more than 85% would definitely buy the concept. 
- Brazil has the highest rankings with more than 90% of our respondents indicating that they would buy bread from My bread.

For many operators in food services and retail, a true ‘My bread-like concept’ will sound a bit far-fetched. Nevertheless, elements of customisation can have added value to consumers in all baked good sectors. There are examples of bakeries, for instance, offering different types of bread depending on the baking time: ranging from light and soft to dark and crunchy. These extra options give consumers the idea that the bread they buy is tailored to their personal preferences and adds a little extra to the normal choices of white, brown or wholegrain.

Customisation for consumer satisfaction

Concept idea: Pimp my cake
Pimp my cake is a patisserie shop concept that proposes a wide variety of personalized fresh and delicious patisserie items. Consumers can customise their own patisserie by choosing the texture and flavour of all the elements that make it.

The Taste Tomorrow study reveals:

- 72% of our global respondents rank this concept as very relevant and would definitely Pimp my cake.
- Once again, America has the highest scores: almost 80% rank this concept as very relevant and would definitely buy the concept.
- More than half of our global respondents find the concept idea of Pimp my cake new and different.
- From all the countries Brazil has the highest ranks in all criteria. Almost 95% would definitely buy it and find the idea very relevant.

Customisation and patisserie seems to match perfectly. The items are often produced in individual portions and can therefore easily be adjusted to personal preferences like shape, colour, filling and topping. The Puratos éclair concept has been a perfect example of how a single item can be personalised in various ways. But there are dozens of patisserie superstars that are suited to be customised to order that we will make you discover throughout our Social Media channels. 

Are you interested in discovering what elements of customisation could be relevant to your business, or how you can emphasise a sense of self-control in your current offering? Contact your local Puratos representative to learn more.