Cremfil Ultim: for an increased shelf life

Cremfil Ultim: for an increased shelf life


With rising consumer expectations the baked goods industry is not only challenged to improve the quality perception, but also for sustainability reasons: a long lasting shelf life can help reduce logistic costs and helps to prevent waste. To answer this need Puratos developed Cremfil Ultim: a ready to use and freeze stable range of chocolate and nut fillings that preserve the freshness of bakery and patisserie goods.

Preserve the freshness
Our Taste Tomorrow survey shows that freshness is an important criterion in consumer satisfaction when evaluating baked goods. Sometimes consumption is not ‘à la minute’, the product must keep its freshness. With Cremfil Ultim you prevent baked goods and fillings from drying out, preserving their soft creamy melting qualities throughout the shelf life.

Less fat, more health
On top of an increased shelf life, when including Cremfil Ultim fillings in baked goods, it lowers the fat and calorie content. Cremfil Ultim offers a combination of great taste, superior freshness and fat reduction. It enables you to create many new chocolate filled baked goods and improve your existing ones.

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